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Welcome to Chicago Bullies!  If you are looking for the best bullies, contact us. We are a small, family owned and operated kennel in Chicago, IL.  We have been involved with bully breeds since 1999.  The American Bully is a family-friendly breed. They strive for human interaction and companionship. As with any breed, Bullies need proper socialization and training from day one.  While the American Bully is bred to be more laid back, it does still have energy and needs time to run around. Bullies that have too much excess energy may get into trouble or be destructive. American bullies have a very positive attitude towards people and other animals. They are great dogs with children because they are durable enough to withstand a little poking or pulling that kids are known for. Many people will be intimidated by the American bully because they are so muscular and built and are always mistaken for a "pit bull". While the distant ancestors of American Bullies are in fact pit bulls, the American Bully is a different breed altogether. Their temperaments and good nature make them the ideal family pet. We try to promote the breed in a positive light and the goal is all around perfection from conformation to temperament and health. Our bloodlines consist of RazorEdge, GottiLine, DaxLine to name a few. We breed for quality and only use proven dogs in our breeding program. Our team is made up of trainers and breeders with the same goal of producing the best American Bullies around! We believe that the American Bully should be wide, compact, muscular, and most importantly, functional. There are many different types of bullies, such as pocket, classic, standard, XL, exotic, and so on.  We focus on improving the breed and do not always have bully puppies available. You will never see us breed a dog younger than 2. We believe that a dog should be mature and properly developed to support whelping a litter. Chicago Bullies will never have more than one breeding at a time to ensure that every dog/pup gets the time and care that it needs and so that we stay on course to produce the best American Bullies possible! There are many breeders who have an absurd amount of breedings on their website. We feel that overbreeding does not help the breed, nor does constantly inbreeding dogs (father to daughter, mother to son, etc) just to get an overly exaggerated trait. Chicago Bullies does have puppies for sale, as well as young adults occasionally. As a premier American bully breeder in Chicago, we provide endless support to all our customers. All of our bullies are family raised and socialized. Our Bullies participate in conformation with multiple registries including ABKC, UKC, BRC, etc. They also compete in obedience, weight pull, and personal protection. They are not outside kennel dogs, but part of the family.  As long-term members of the bully community, we encourage responsible ownership and do not condone dog fighting or any other type of animal abuse.  Thanks for stopping by and check back soon for updates

Chicago Bullies uses only superior breeding stock in their breeding program. Blue pit bulls, blue pits, bully pits, bully pit bulls, pit bulls, staffordshire terriers, starffordshire bull terriers, american pit bull terriers, bull terriers and so on are typically mistaken for american bullies and vice versa. Bullies come in all colors from fawn tri color, black tri color, blue  bullys to blue brindle bullies, chocolate tri color, blue tri color american bully. We are a premiere American bully breeder in Chicago, IL. American bullies are relatively new to the dog show world compared to your typical breed of dog. American bullies in Chicago Illinois. Chicago Bullies can ship puppies worldwide. American bully breeder in Illinois, Chicago Bullies has dogs all over the U.S. including New York, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, and Texas. We produce dogs of high quality. We do not breed dogs with faults such as cow hocked, high rears, kinked tails etc. That is not to say that some faults may occur as with any breed. This breed is still developing and has produced many sub categories of American bully. There are pocket American Bullies, Standard American Bullies, Classic American Bullies and XL classes. Chicago Bullies guarantees their pups to be healthy and loved. Chicago Bullies takes great pride in producing great examples of the American bully breed.  These dogs are muscular, american bullies.  Recently recognized by the UKC, the American bully has grown popularity and as a result, has suffered in terms of breeding and evolution. Any person can put two dogs together to breed. The dogs do all the work! People with no dog breeding experience or knowledge may try to pass off undesirable dogs to the public or someone that may not know better. All american bully puppies are cute and a champion may not be easy to spot when they are only 8 weeks old.Many pit bull breeders or american bully breeders breed for  varying traits that they deem necessary, such as extremely short muzzles and overly wide chests. Chicago bullies only uses healthy, functioning dogs in their program. Beware of backyard breeders and people jumping on the American Bully bandwagon. Breeding american bullies is our passion and we strive for the best American bullies that we can produce. There is much thought, hard work, training, cleaning, vet care, food costs, etc. that goes with breeding dogs. Experience is paramount in choosing the best bully puppy. We encourage people to contact us with any questions about pit bulls, american bullies, bully pits, etc. Thank you for stopping by Chicago Bullies

No dogs bought, sold, or bred for       illegal/inhumane activities

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